Our mobile motorcycle repairs workshop is fully equipped to perform all your motorbike and scooter servicing needs, from log book servicing, brake pads, fork seals, chains & sprockets,steering head bearings replacement, batteries - right through to internal engine work and everything in-between!
Why not take the fuss out of getting your next service and allow MARK,with his vast 25 yrs of experience come to you!

Logbook and Scheduled Service

Just call for your all your service requirements, we come to your work or home, complete your service without a fuss, stamp your logbook. Leaving you free from the hassle of taking precious time out of your day.

Punctures and Tyres

We carry popular sizes and come to you if you for puncture repairs

Pre-purchase Inspections

Have you ever purchased a motorcycle, been so excited but to later find out you bought a lemon? Did it need copious amounts of money and time on repairs? Take the risk out of buying your next motorcycle or scooter by allowing us to perform a "PRE PURCHASE INSPECTION". Through our comprehensive checklist and vast experience in the industry, we will pick up on things such as "PAST SMASH DAMAGE" (that may have been repaired poorly) bent frames, brake rotors, forks, wheels and abnormal engine noises just to name a few. We will also look at past service history, and all the consumables such as brake pads, chains & sprockets, steering head bearings, tyres and more, to give you an indication of how much you may need to spend on the bike or scooter within the coming months. This can be a great bargaining tool and can pay for the inspection by up to "10 fold".Mark is passionate about seeing that riders can continue enjoying their motorcycling and not be turned away by a very avoidable bad purchase experience So why not call now to arrange a convenient time to book your pre purchase inspection and let us "COME TO YOU".


Most have us all been caught on the side of the road with a flat battery. A motorcyclist’s nightmare! We can change your battery on the roadside to get you back on track and to your destination with the minimum of fuss, so be sure to keep our number handy. We can usually get to you within a short period of time depending on location.Call 0434 969 363 and let us turn your breakdown nightmare into a daydream!